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Depression is a mood disorder that impacts not just mood, but behavior, sleep, relationships, and many other factors in an individual’s life. This emotional state can be caused by loss/grief, a traumatic event, loneliness, relationship issues, and financial troubles. When left untreated, depression can result in the development of addiction, substance abuse, and other negative behaviors. Seeking professional help to manage and control your depression and consequential behaviors is important in order to improve mood and overall lifestyle choices.

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Karen Forte


Karen Forte believes that mental health issues, such as depression, are both serious and essential to gain control of in order to live a healthy, productive, and meaningful life. She knows that both depression and any resulting habits are completely treatable when approached in a collaborative, dedicated, and supportive manner. As a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Karen approaches individuals who struggle with deep sadness and feelings of depression in a patient and understanding way that allows them to feel validated and understood. Ms. Forte aims to provide direct and constructive guidance and advice, that is balanced by nurture, support, and care.

Marion Middleton


Marion Middleton addresses individuals who suffer from depression by utilizing a multifaceted approach to seeking self-awareness and self-worth. She teaches the coping-skills needed to manage feelings of sadness and depression in healthy, accessible, and manageable ways. Marion centers her therapeutic perspective around a client-centered approach, which allows her patients to recognize their emotions and make positive changes to their mindset and behavior. She utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy to help her patients understand the correlation between their feelings and their habitual choices. Marion believes in her clients and supports their strengths, goals, and entire therapeutic journey.