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Daytime sleepiness occurs when a person does not obtain the adequate amount of sleep required to function productively throughout the day. Because of this, they may have poor communication skills, lack of productivity, relationship problems, difficulty focusing, and concerns about driving safely. Daytime sleepiness is caused by night time sleep issues, such as insomnia and sleep apnea. Insomnia is frequently due to anxiety, depression, and other untreated mental health issues. Learning how to manage your anxieties, nighttime sleep issues, and consequential daytime sleepiness is key to a more efficient and healthier functioning abilities in day to day life. 

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Keith Merrifield


Keith Merrifield is experienced in treating patients who struggle with daytime sleepiness and other factors that contribute to poor daily functioning. He has treated individuals who suffer from trauma, depression, anxiety, stress overload, personality disorders, life transition issues, and addictions. Keith understands the interconnectedness between mental health issues and how they relate to daytime sleepiness. Without sufficient rest and sleep, he believes that individuals can develop unhealthy habits and make poor behavioral choices. Keith utilizes a person-centered approach to treating issues surrounding daytime sleepiness and believes that his clients can achieve their personal goals with dedication and commitment to therapy.

Judy Bitzer


Judy Bitzer seeks to support and guide her clients toward understanding how to make effective changes to their sleep habits in order to achieve adequate sleep and overcome daytime sleepiness issues. She specializes in behavioral health and helping patients learn how to make changes that positively impact both their mental health and daily lives. Judy practices psychotherapy as a means of treating emotional issues that cause negative sleep behavior. She believes that by understanding our thoughts, feelings, and emotions, sleep habits can improve which can ultimately help boost communication, productivity, and mood.