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Child psychotherapy is the practice of using talk therapy to treat emotional, behavioral, and mental health issues. Mental health professionals who utilize psychotherapeutic methods to help young patients deal with various psychological conditions and stressors see the long-term benefits of verbal communication as a means of achieving goals. In addition to overcoming mental health issues, psychotherapy is also used to build healthy and positive skills for improving communication, relationships, and ongoing environmental stressors.

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Jonathan Kolakowski


Jonathan Kolakowski helps his patients deal with expected and unexpected life changes in mindful and healthy ways. As an experienced psychiatrist, Jonathan knows that feelings and behaviors linked to trauma or loss can often feel out of control and may develop into adjustment disorder. He emphasizes his therapeutic treatment by practicing a patient-focused strategy which incorporates evidence-based techniques in combination with medication management. Jonathan collaborates with his patients to help them establish personal objectives and teach them effective ways of achieving their goals.