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Bulimia is an emotional eating disorder which can cause dangerous and unhealthy physical issues. Bulimia refers specifically to eating large quantities of food, followed by the act of purging, vomiting, and/or fasting. This behavior is used to cope with deep emotional issues that cause a distorted and false version of self-image. Seeking the professional help of a therapist to deal with the untreated and contributing emotions in order to overcome the unhealthy behavior habits of binging and purging is vital to the individual’s mental and physical health.

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Abby Levin

Clinical Supervisor

Abby Levin aims to provide the support and skills needed to overcome the emotional issues that create and develop the harmful habit of binging and purging. With a well-versed background in treating eating disorders, Abby approaches bulimia by developing a nurturing and understanding relationship with her patients. She focuses on helping her client’s face their past traumas, gain emotional awareness, and obtain the skills needed to adapt healthier coping habits and behaviors. In addition to the treatment of eating disorders, Abby treats anxiety, depression, life transitions, and relationship challenges. She understands the connection between these mental health issues and eating disorders. Abby helps her patients in recognizing the link between their behaviors and their emotions, and believes that this approach allows them to overcome their emotional and physical struggles and achieve their goals.