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Untreated and unwanted mental health issues can oftentimes create negative and unsafe habits and behaviors as a way of coping to deal with difficult thoughts and feelings. As an example, eating disorders are commonly used as a means of self-control and emotional management. Binge eating disorder specifically is a psychological eating disorder that impacts an individual’s physical and mental health. Binge eating disorder is characterized by consuming large and unhealthy amounts of food in short periods of time. Understanding the reasons why binge eating behaviors develop and occur, as well as how to diminish the perpetual habits is vital to living a healthy, safe, and positive lifestyle.

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Abby Levin

Clinical Supervisor

Abby Levin treats patients who suffer from eating disorders such as binge eating disorder with a non-judgemental and caring manner. She understands that individuals who struggle with emotional issues and do not know how to manifest their feelings into healthy outlets, can develop unhealthy eating habits. Abby recognizes this connection and works collaboratively with her clients to help them acknowledge that by treating their psychological and mental health issues, their physical health can improve. She involves the practice of evidence-based treatments such as CBT, DBT, and ACT to assist and encourage her patient’s to make changes to their unhealthy eating choices and develop the strategies to effectively manage their mental health in positive ways.