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Anxiety is a psychological condition that is characterized by overwhelming feelings of stress. This stress, or anxiousness, can become so unbearable that it becomes a distraction to everyday tasks, activities, and relationships. General anxiety refers to  long-term and persistent worry and concern. Whereas, specific anxiety can be related to particular fears or phobias that cause extreme feelings of stress and concern. Understanding the root of your anxiety and how to deal with it’s overwhelming nature is essential to managing your emotions, avoiding negative behaviors and habits, and developing healthy outlets.

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Marion Middleton


Marion Middleton specializes in treating substance abuse and the compounding factors that contribute to it. One of the prime contributing factors of substance abuse is anxiety. Marion understands that anxiety, as well as other mental health issues that cause anxiety, such as depression, loss, and fear, are closely linked to negative and harmful behaviors like addiction and substance abuse. She focuses on utilizing a client-centered approach which allows patients to feel both validated, understood, and respected. Marion guides her client’s to develop a stronger sense of self-esteem and emotional awareness as a means to dealing and coping with anxiety.

Karen Forte


Karen Forte approaches her patients from a behavioral health background that is based on the foundation of understanding emotions in order to make positive and effective changes to behavior. She believes that unwanted and untreated feelings of anxiety and stress can drive an individual to make unhealthy and unfavorable behavior choices. Some of the common negative habits that develop from anxiety-related problems include addiction, substance abuse, isolation, and even sleep-related issues. Karen offers an approachable and warm therapeutic environment which provides a space where individuals feel supported, safe, and directed.