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Anger management is the skill of knowing how to control and direct your strong emotions in a healthy and constructive manner in order to produce a more positive result. Some of the known effective techniques of controlling your anger includes deep breathing techniques, positive self-talk, and healthy physical habits such as yoga and/or running. Exposing yourself to a variety of methods and strategies to help you handle your emotions and manage your behaviors in a positively effective manner is essential to improving communication, building stronger relationships, and an overall healthy-mannered life.

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Margaret Ewald


Margaret Ewald strives to support individuals who have difficulty managing negative emotions by targeting behavior. She believes that by understanding emotions, patients can develop self-recognition and awareness that can contribute to the desire to change behavior. Margaret directs her client’s thoughts and feelings toward positive and strengths-based thinking through a client-centered approach. She addresses anger and other mood-related issues by focusing on the underlying causes of distress, anxiety, and fears. Through therapeutic comprehension, Margaret assists individuals in gaining healthy coping skills that improve communication and promote healthy outlets.