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Psychotherapy is a form of treatment that focuses on the use of conversational means to address mental health conditions and concerns. The goal of psychotherapy is to be able to make positive changes to behavior through understanding emotions and thoughts. Psychotherapy is a frequently used therapeutic practice with adult patients because it not only helps with understanding feelings, but fine tuning communication skills, which is a relevant tool in many aspects of life. The practice of psychotherapy assists in gaining the skills needed to alter daily behaviors and make positive changes

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Karen Forte


Karen Forte has an extensive background in behavioral health. She is passionate about helping individuals make impactful modifications and changes to their lives in order to improve their overall well-being. Karen utilizes a psychotherapeutic approach to address the needs of her clients and design an individualized plan to help them reach their goals. Ms. Forte has experience working in a variety of behavioral health settings ranging from hospitals to outpatient facilities. She understands that making true changes to habits and behaviors is strongly affected by an individual’s commitment to therapy targeting emotions. Thus, psychotherapy is an essential aspect of Karen’s therapeutic approach.