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Addiction and substance abuse are closely linked behavioral choices that individuals make when they are not in an ideal state of mental health. When a person is depressed, suffering from anxiety, lonely, or even feeling guilty, they are more likely to make unhealthy, negative, and sometimes harmful behavioral choices. Some examples of addiction problems include smoking cigarettes, gambling, and sex. Substance abuse is the addiction to harmful substances including alcohol and illicit drugs. Seeking professional help for any addictions you or someone you know may have is essential to your mental and physical future and health.

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Margaret Ewald


Margaret Ewald practices a client-centered treatment approach with clients who struggle with addiction. She believes that by focusing on the patient fully and allowing them to uncover and understand their own awarenesses and perspectives is an important step to self-recognition and creating positive change. In conjunction with this approach, Margaret utilizes a trauma-informed strategy to help understand negative past experiences. As both a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Maraget understands that overcoming addiction and substance abuse takes both a collaborative and committed approach to healing.

Marion Middleton


Marion Middleton aims to help her patients deal with the reality of substance abuse and other forms of addiction through the practice of integrative, informed, and supportive therapy. Marion is a trained and Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor who addresses negative behavioral choices and habits as a consequence of untreated emotional issues. She believes that the thoughts, feelings, emotions, past experiences, and traumas are all interconnected into the choices that we make. Marion’s chief focus is to empower her clients to lower their self-destructive feelings and habits while improving self-help skills and solution-focused results.