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Women’s health issues, both medical or mental, are closely associated with one another. Physical health concerns may cause abrupt stress and worry, which can ultimately impact mental, emotional, and behavioral health. Furthermore, unhealthy psychological health can eventually lead to physical and medical health conditions. The link between women’s emotional and physical health issues utters the importance of seeking self-help skills to manage health, balance, and overall well-being.

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Ashley Seredynski


Ashley Seredynski addresses social anxiety by helping her clients deal with past experiences that may have caused feelings of trauma or fear. She is experienced in treating the depression, insomnia, and mood disorders that may develop out of untreated social anxiety. Ashley aspires to invoke confidence in her patients as a way of inspiring healthy relationship building. She empowers her clients to seek out intimate relationships and social friendships as a way of overcoming feelings of isolation, depression, and improving overall mental health.

Sankrant Reddy


Sankrant Reddy treats various health concerns specific to women by utilizing clinical and holistic treatment methods that target the medical and/or mental health support needed. His experience working with patients in inpatient hospitals, partial hospitalization programs, substance abuse facilities, and nursing homes, has helped him to learn and understand about the various physical, emotional, and behavioral health issues that women deal with. Dr. Reddy’s mission is to assist his patients in a collaborative and collective manner as they learn to navigate and deal with their concerns and health issues.