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Stress and worry are the two prime characteristics of anxiety. Everyone experiences stress, worry, and some level of anxiousness in their lives. However, when stress and worry are persistent, they can interfere with relationships, work productivity, and daily life. This impact can signify the presence of an anxiety disorder. Seeking support from a therapist or social worker is important for managing your stress and dealing with your anxiety.

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Sarah Tarabey


Sarah Tarabey centers her therapeutic approach to treating stress and worry around the basis of a person-centered outlook. She is experienced in treating individuals who suffer from mood, anxiety, and trauma disorders, as well as grief and loss, life transitions, and family and relationship issues. Sarah understands the strong link between these mental health concerns and an individual’s stress level and worrisome fears. She integrates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Dialectic Behavior Therapy (DBT) as treatment methods for stress, worry, fear, and anxiety.

Kelly Dakarian


Kelly Dakarian collaboratively approaches her client’s feelings of stress and worry in a non-judgemental, patient, and understanding way. She targets the agitation and uneasiness that individuals may experience due to events, past trauma, or fears by teaching the skills and tools needed to increase self-assurance and self esteem. Kelly promotes mindful and positive change in her clients by giving them the confidence and support necessary to accept their feelings and overcome their anxiety. She believes in the incorporation and collaboration of acknowledging a client’s family, community, and social circle to invoke and inspire mental health and well-being.