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Stress causes worry and worry causes stress. If stress and anxiety are left untreated, it could lead to sleep issues, eating issues, mood related issues, poor communication, troubled relationships, addiction, and substance abuse. Managing your stress is instrumental to both emotional and physical health. Reaching out for professional guidance to learn ways to cope with unnecessary stress, worry, and anxiety can help alleviate emotional strain.

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Christine Lantin


Christine Lantin aims to support patients who suffer from anxiety. She understands the emotional toll that untreated anxiety can have on an individual’s thoughts, behaviors, and physical body. Christine is a licensed and board-certified physician assistant whose interest in psychiatry originated out of working with chronic pain patients. Her experience while clinically treating chronic pain shed light on the effects of the physical struggles a person experiences on their psychological and social environment. Christine is dedicated to assisting her patients in dealing with their anxious emotions and consequential poor behaviors based on anxiety related to medical issues and other mental health contributors.

Ashley Seredynski


Ashley Seredynski believes in the importance of addressing the underlying and untreated psychological conditions of individuals who struggle with sleep issues and disorders. In addition to supporting individuals as they cope with issues of anxiety and depression, Ashley also assesses the social, relational, and environmental factors that may be negatively contributing to poor sleep. As a physician assistant, Ashley also evaluates the medical background of her patients to address any biological factors that may be disrupting sleep. She strives to treat insomnia with proper skill-building and appropriate behavioral modifications as a means to developing a healthier overall lifestyle.

Sankrant Reddy


Sankrant Reddy aims to motivate positive and mindful change. As a psychiatrist, he helps his patients deal with various environmental and social stressors. He is particularly well-versed in dissecting and treating anxiety that may be associated with job and relationships stressors. Dr. Reddy believes that by helping his patients control their stress and manage their worries, life can become easier, healthier, and more stable. He ignites the motivation to help encourage intentional and direct change to thought-processing, perceptions, feelings, and resulting behaviors.