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Self-esteem refers to confidence. When an individual develops a strong sense of self-esteem or confidence, they exhibit pride, self-assurance, and self-dignity with their choices and decisions. Self-esteem plays an important role in how individuals see themselves and respond to outside matters. Those who lack self-esteem may suffer emotionally and physically.

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Bianca Miller


Bianca Miller works closely with her clients to help them develop the skills to strengthen their self-esteem and self-assurance. She believes in the importance of holding strong regard for oneself and knows that this aspect can influence how one deals with difficulties. Bianca’s main specialties include helping adolescent patients cope with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self-esteem, and relationship dynamics. With a background in both psychology and nutrition, Bianca integrates mind and body health awareness into helping her patients grasp the association between self-esteem and mental and physical health. She uses cognitive-behavioral therapeutic principles to assist her clients in gaining positive changes in their lives.

Chad Gaynier


Chad Gaynier strives to help his clients obtain useful and beneficial techniques that increase confidence and self-esteem with his patients. His particular interests include helping his clients cope with life transitions, relationship struggles, and LGBTQ+ related issues. Chad focuses on developing strong self-esteem, self-respect, and notable confidence with his patients as a way to deal with and overcome some of these real-life events that can dampen mental health. Through evidenced-based therapies, scientifically tested methods, and psychotherapeutic approaches, Chad incorporates REBT, ACT, existential, and positive psychology to refocus his clients on their personal self-discovery and improvement.