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Sadness is a telltale sign that an individual may be suffering internally. It is an emotional response to an event, experience, or thoughts that may cause a person to feel low, sorrowful, lonely, or hopeless. When sadness becomes persistent and severe, it may develop into clinical depression. When left untreated, individuals who suffer from sadness and depression may cope in unhealthy and harmful ways such as addiction, substance abuse, or develop eating disorders. Seeking help for feelings of sadness or depression is important for learning how to manage your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

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Rahael Mathew


Rahael Mathew offers an empathetic and understanding stance on treating her clients who deal with feelings of sadness and depression. She works collaboratively with her patients to discover and explore its underlying reasons, and uses that as a foundation for establishing healthier ways of thinking and perception. With a background in working in a variety of clinical and therapeutic treatment settings, Rahael has developed a specialty for working with adults struggling with chronic and severe psychiatric and behavioral conditions that often evolve from sadness and depression. She seeks to provide appropriate and uplifting therapy to patients that motivates and inspires a positive and promising future.

Sloan Kodroff

Clinical Supervisor

Sloan Kodroff encourages positivity and mindfulness with individuals who struggle with sadness and depression. He centers his therapeutic strategy on providing useful, insightful, and supportive mentorship to help individuals seek self love and self pride. By offering tools and techniques for building self-confidence and self esteem, Sloan teaches his clients that working from a strengths-based and goal-driven standpoint, they can achieve improved emotional health and wellness. He designs an individualized treatment plan based on a client’s past experiences, trauma, thoughts, and behaviors to ultimately create positive and mindful shifts that stimulate meaningful and worthwhile changes to everyday life.