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Sadness is a normal, responsive, and human emotion. People experience feelings of sadness after they encounter loss, trauma, and/or change. When left untreated, sadness may develop into clinical depression, which involves negative thinking and visions of suicide. This level of sadness can become debilitating and toxic. Due to the potential risk of untreated sadness, it is important to reach out for social support and/or professional help in order to manage your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

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Christine Lantin


Christine Lantin addresses developmental and behavioral disorders among her patients by utilizing a clinical and holistic approach. She focuses on the psychological factors and social aspects of individuals who specifically suffer from the challenges issued by ADD and/or ADHD. As a licensed and board certified physician assistant, Christine emphasizes the importance of acknowledging how physical, medical, and biological factors contribute to poor choices and behavioral interruptions.

Sankrant Reddy


Sankrant Reddy is passionate about supporting clients who suffer from feelings of sadness and depression by practicing an integrative approach to achieving positivity and optimism. Dr. Reddy feels honored to step in as an active participant to assist his clients address their negative feelings. He seeks to adjust his client’s sense of self through mindful awareness practices and positive thinking pattern changes. Dr. Reddy helps his patients recognize that feelings of sadness are indeed healthy, but teaches them that prolonged and unchanged sadness can develop into depression if left untreated. Dr. Reddy aims to increase his patient’s drive and motivation to change through a strengths-based and patient-driven approach.