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Racial identity issues can create various mental health issues due to feelings of frustration, confusion, anger, and insecurity. Individuals who are of ethnic, religious, or racial minority often experience prejudices and judgements from others. These social perceptions and injustices can result in unhealthy emotional and behavioral responses that may require social and/or emotional therapeutic support. Reaching out for psychological help if you are dealing with racial identity issues or concerns is not only beneficial, but also essential, to one’s overall physical and mental health and well-being.

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Sankrant Reddy


Sankrant Reddy focuses on helping his clients gain worthwhile and effective coping skills to help deal with trauma, stress, and adjustment periods. He knows that when troubling thoughts and difficult emotions are left untreated after a life-altering experience, poor decisions and unhealthy habits can develop. Dr. Reddy assesses, diagnoses, and treats patients who may be suffering from adjustment disorder by offering an integrative treatment approach which consists of medication and  psychotherapeutic methods to achieve meaningful and fulfilling goals. He collaborates with his patients to listen to their specific experiences, understand their fear and concerns, and develop particular and unique plans to help them gain emotional growth.