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Occupational difficultes involve challenges and struggles within the workplace that cause an individual to develop mental health issues. Troubles at work may include problematic relationships with coworkers, too much work responsibility, too little work responsibility, deadlines, travel commute, and most importantly work-life balance. Any of these issues may cause anxiety, stress, depression, sleep issues, interpersonal relationships, and/or addiction. Seeking help, advice, and counseling to help navigate occupational difficultes is essential to your relationships, physical health, and mental well-being.

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Chad Gaynier


Chad Gaynier collaboratively joins his clients on their journey towards self-exploration when troubled by issues in the workplace. He believes that occupational difficulties can be the culprit of a wide-range of mental health concerns that impact everyday life. Chad integrates elements of REBT, ACT, existential, and positive psychology to address and treat feelings of depression and anxiety in his patients. He aims to counsel and teach his clients how to make appropriate and effective decisions in the workplace and regarding their careers. Chad supports these decisions based on teaching clients how their gained knowledge about occupational difficulties may be negatively impacting their mental health and relationships.

Brittney Segoviano


Brittney Segoviano utilizes an integrative and collective approach to treating individuals who suffer from emotional and psychological issues caused by occupational difficulties. She provides a therapeutic environment that is supportive, patient, understanding, and secure for the purpose of gaining self-awareness and learning the importance of self-expression and courage in the workplace. Brittney is experienced in treating issues caused by occupational difficulties such as depression, anxiety, and negative consequential behaviors such as eating disorders, self-harm behaviors, and suicidal thoughts.

Sarah Tarabey


Sarah Tarabey focuses on the individual needs and goals of her clients by utilizing a client-centered approach to treating the mental health issues of clients who struggle with work-related or career troubles. She motivates her patients to make healthy and needed decisions regarding their careers as a necessary step towards improving their overall lives. Sarah incorporates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Dialectic Behavior Therapy (DBT) to help her patients acknowledge and understand how their occupational difficulties may be negatively affecting their health. She hopes to empower clients to practice self-acceptance and self-expression as they pursue their treatment goals of learning how to choose what is best for themselves and their relationships.