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Mood disorders are a treatable psychological condition that involves the unstable and sometimes unexpected change or shift in an individual’s emotional state and resulting behaviors. Common mood disorders include bipolar disorder, clinical depression, and postpartum disorder. Treating mood disorders is a specialty of professional therapists and clinical counselors. Seeking support and guidance to deal with the management of your mood, emotions, and behaviors is the key to maintaining control when life feels out of control.

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Rachel Dahlgren


Rachel Dahlgren specializes in the treatment of different forms of psychological and emotional mood disorders. She is a licensed clinical social worker who is both knowledgeable and skilled at helping patients address and accept the shifts and changes in their mood and emotions. Rachel assesses the needs and goals of her clients who suffer from mood disorders in order to design the most appropriate, desirable, and successfully-driven therapeutic plan for treatment. She utilizes a strength-based and trauma informed approach, while incorporating Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) to help individuals overcome their mood-related issues.

Kailyn Bobb

Director Of Therapy

Kailyn Bobb believes in treating mood-related issues and disorders by clinically assessing and evaluating her patients in order to offer the appropriate care and treatment. She is specially trained in the clinical and psychological testing and analysis of mental health disorders. Dr. Bobb is a United States Air Force Veteran and currently serves as a Secretariat Appointee on the Advisory Committee on Women Veterans for the Department of Veterans Affairs. With her background in the military, she understands first hand how trauma and past experiences can impact emotions and behaviors. In addition, Dr. Bobb believes an individual’s history and background can have lasting effects on mood and the development of emotional, behavioral, and mood disorders.