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Men’s health issues can range from mental, physical, behavioral, and spiritual matters. The interconnectedness of these health issues is notable, particularly when dealing with psychological and physical health concerns. Poor mental health can promote negative behavior choices that can ultimately impact physical health, such as addictions or eating issues that cause diabetes and cardiovascular issues. This can also work in the reverse, physical health issues can cause emotional insecurities and anxiety. Professional help is available to help men understand and manage their mental and physical health concerns.

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Chad Gaynier


Chad Gaynier aims to help male clients in successfully dealing with their emotional and behavioral responses to mental and physical health issues. He encourages personal acceptance and growth through the practice of an introspective and psychotherapeutic approach. Chad understands that although some medically diagnosed physical health issues are not in our control, he teaches his clients how to deal with these types of health diagnoses by using healthy, accepting, and mindful strategies. He practices a combination of REBT, ACT, existential, and positive psychology to guide his patients toward embracing their mental and/or physical health concerns.

Rahael Mathew


Rahael Mathew is a clinical mental health counselor who is trained in treating a variety of mental and clinical health conditions that impact an individual’s mental health. In particular, men’s health is an area of interest for Rahael as she is skilled in motivating her clients to gain self-awareness, acceptance, and understanding of their emotional and physical health. Rahael focuses on delivering a person-centered approach to helping men cope with medical health diagnoses that influence mental stability and balance. She utilizes evidence-based therapies such as dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy to treat men who are dealing with a wide-range of health conditions.