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Men’s health issues span across mental and medical health conditions. Common emotional and behavioral mental health issues seen in men include addiction, alcohol abuse, depression, and suicide. Medical health issues typically experienced by men include diabetes, cardiovascular disease, liver disease, and AIDS. Mental health and medical health issues in men are not necessarily independent from one another, in fact one health issue may affect the onset or development of another. Learning about your specific health issues and how to manage them, both clinically and holistically, is essential to maintaining the overall health among men.

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Ashley Seredynski


Ashley Seredynski believes in the importance of addressing the underlying and untreated psychological conditions of individuals who struggle with sleep issues and disorders. In addition to supporting individuals as they cope with issues of anxiety and depression, Ashley also assesses the social, relational, and environmental factors that may be negatively contributing to poor sleep. As a physician assistant, Ashley also evaluates the medical background of her patients to address any biological factors that may be disrupting sleep. She strives to treat insomnia with proper skill-building and appropriate behavioral modifications as a means to developing a healthier overall lifestyle.

Sankrant Reddy


Sankrant Reddy is a trained psychiatrist whose expertise in medication management is a fundamental practice of his therapeutic approach. Dr. Reddy offers medication review sessions where he thoroughly learns about his patient’s specific medication regimen. His goal during s medication review is to teach individuals how to responsibly stay on track with their treatment plan. Dr. Reddy focuses on addressing the particular need for each medication and ultimately makes appropriate changes to the plan in order to help his patients achieve their personal, emotional, and behavioral goals.