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Life transitions are life altering events. They can occur at any point in a person’s life, in expected and unexpected ways, and in big and small ways. Some of the common types of life transitions that individuals experience during their lifetime may include career change, location change, marriage, relationship break-ups, loss, and becoming a parent. Change can impact an individual in significant emotional and physical ways. Therapists and other professionals are trained to assist patients in processing their thoughts, emotions, and coping behaviors by utilizing effective clinical and holistic skills and treatments. 

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Kailyn Bobb

Director Of Therapy

Kailyn Bobb is experienced in advising patients to make healthy behavior choices based on emotional health. As a licensed clinical psychologist, she believes in the importance of clinical evaluations for helping her clients make positive choices in their lives. Dr. Bobb coaches and counsels individuals to deal with emotionally difficult struggles and decisions by incorporating life coaching skills of how to manage their psychological and behavioral well-being. She supports her patients in reaching their individual and emotional goals in order to promote personal growth, progress, and success.

Brittney Segoviano


Brittney Segoviano approaches her clients who are dealing with life transitions, change, and personal monumental events by providing supportive, patient, and goal-directed therapy. She has a background of working with individuals who are dealing with mental health issues due to life transitions in a variety of treatment centers including psychiatric hospitals, community mental health centers, and private practice. Brittney is focused on motivating and encouraging her patients to practice healthy coping skills and mindfulness while dealing with challenging periods of change as a means to maintain a positive and promising outcome.

Sarah Tarabey


Sarah Tarabey specializes in working with individuals who are working through life transitions and changes, particularly those that involve loss and grief. She helps patients who may be experiencing psychological issues such as anxiety and mood issues due to a life transition, event, or trauma. Through a client-centered and focused lens, Sarah incorporates therapeutic treatments such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Dialectic Behavior Therapy (DBT) to assist individuals who are coping with change. During these periods of transformation, she enlightens and encourages her patients to gain positive habits, behaviors, and mindfulness as a way of obtaining a healthy mind, body, and spirit connection.