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Life coaching is a skill utilized by professionals whose goal is to encourage clients to make positive life decisions through counseling and advice. A life coach is knowledgeable and experienced at helping individuals with both personal and professional issues and decision needs. Life coaching is a collaborative process that supports individuals with seeking healthy, adequate, and successful decisions and outcomes. Ultimately, the client’s goals are the prime objective of a life coach.

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Kailyn Bobb

Director Of Therapy

Kailyn Bobb is experienced in advising patients to make healthy behavior choices based on emotional health. As a licensed clinical psychologist, she believes in the importance of clinical evaluations for helping her clients make positive choices in their lives. Dr. Bobb coaches and counsels individuals to deal with emotionally difficult struggles and decisions by incorporating life coaching skills of how to manage their psychological and behavioral well-being. She supports her patients in reaching their individual and emotional goals in order to promote personal growth, progress, and success.

Virginia Harren

Clinical Supervisor

Virginia Harren mentors her clients in areas where they need life coaching, direction, and advice. She is experienced at working with children, adolescents, families, adults, and military members who are seeking assistance with gaining and building the skills needed to achieve their ultimate and unique goals. Virginia aims to motivate and inspire individuals to establish healthy emotional and behavioral habits in an effort to make personally proactive and beneficial decisions that bring themselves joy and pleasure. She offers an integratively driven and client-centered perspective to increasing the self-awareness, drive, and courage of her patients.

Rahael Mathew


Rahael Mathew empowers her clients to gain the skills needed in making appropriate life decisions that strive to promote success, happiness, and emotional and physical health. Rahael practices a life coaching outlook which allows her to advise and mentor individuals during times of transition and change. She works collaboratively with her clients in supporting them during challenging periods to direct them in important and critical decision-making. Rahael honors and respects her client’s needs and goals and focuses on supporting them by practicing a person-centered approach that utilizes evidence-based therapies (DBT, CBT and ACT).