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Overindulgent, uncontrollable, and undisciplined eating habits are typical characteristics of somebody who suffers from impulsive eating issues. This can occur when an individual uses food to cope with untreated and difficult emotions due to mental health concerns such as trauma, relationship problems, and/or anxiety. Impulsive eating issues are accompanied by feelings of shame, guilt, and fear. When left untreated, emotional and physical wellness can spiral downward, causing serious physical health problems such as diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular issues. If you are suffering from impulsive eating habits, reach out to a professional to help deal with your emotions and learn healthier ways to cope with your emotions.

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Bianca Miller utilizes a cognitive behavioral approach to treat different forms of eating disorders and unhealthy, addictive, and sometimes harmful eating behaviors. She works closely with her patients to help them understand the root of their emotions and behaviors in order to gain control over their unhealthy habits. Bianca knows that impulsive eating habits in particular are especially dangerous to both an individual’s mental and physical health and strives to teach her clients how to cope with their issues in more productive, efficient, and healthier ways. By addressing depression and anxiety, Bianca encourages her patients to develop the confidence and self esteem needed to overcome challenging feelings and problematic eating behaviors, like impulsive eating issues.