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Gender dysphoria is defined as the psychological, emotional, and physical disconnect from one’s biologically assigned sex. This confusion and frustration can cause serious and significant mental health issues that may interfere with everyday life. Some of these conditions include anxiety, depression, isolation, as well as the development of eating disorders, addictions, and sleep problems. Social anxiety, in particular, is common among individuals who suffer from gender dysphoria due to the fear and perceived judgments of others. Developing a deep sense of self and a strong sense of confidence is integral to coping with the challenges of gender dysphoria in healthy and balanced ways.

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Chad Gaynier


Chad Gaynier practices an integrative approach to treating mental health issues such as anxiety and depression when working with individuals who are struggling with gender dysphoria and other identity-related issues. He focuses on treating the emotional and physical complications brought on by gender dysphoria by utilizing evidence-based treatments and scientifically tested methods. Chad is trained in the practice of cognitive-behavioral therapies that involve the use of REBT, ACT, existential, and positive psychology to help his patients deal with difficult thoughts and emotions caused by identity issues.

Kailyn Bobb

Director Of Therapy

Kailyn Bobb believes in the importance of treating gender dysphoria, LGBTQ+ issues, and other self-identity issues by increasing self-awareness and building self-esteem. Dr. Bobb is specifically trained to perform clinical and psychological assessments and evaluations with her patients. The testing and information gathered help her to design and provide the appropriate therapeutic care for individuals who need mental and emotional support while dealing with identity confusion and/or gender dysphoria. Dr. Bobb’s goal is to assist her client’s in improving their daily functioning and happiness by teaching them the tools to accept themselves for who they are.

Virginia Harren

Clinical Supervisor

Virginia Harren supports individuals who are seeking help and guidance to deal with the difficult challenges of gender dysphoria. She believes that a strong sense of self-identity is critical to an individual’s mental and physical well-being. As a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Virginia is skilled at working with children, adolescents, and adults who suffer from mild to serious psychological issues and understands that self-esteem, self-honesty, and self-pride are the key to happiness. She practices an integrative and holistic approach that consists of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) as strategies for treating emotional troubles due to gender dysphoria.