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Divorce has sadly become a common part of our society. When two individuals decide to end their legal union, many residual issues can arise, such as finance, property, and how to handle child support. For couples who have children together, it can be extremely difficult to know how to communicate and help offspring understand the gravity of divorce. The importance of mediation to help both adults, children, and adolescents cope with the emotions and the reality of divprce is critical in order to maturely and successfully deal with it’s challenges.

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Sloan Kodroff

Clinical Supervisor

Sloan Kodroff seeks to assist in counseling individuals and mediating couples who may be considering or in the midst of divorce. He offers his clients the effective, purposeful, and constructive skills needed to facilitate collaborative communication. Sloan is experienced in helping patients deal with any anxiety, depression, trauma, and substance abuse issues that may be associated with a divorce. He patiently supports individuals as they cope with the reality of divorce and the residual emotions that can be triggered by the loss of a relationship, marriage, and family unit. Sloan focuses on developing self-esteem and confidence with his clients in order to promote resilience and a positive future.

Chad Gaynier


Chad Gaynier offers a therapeutic approach that is collaborative, understanding, and adaptable while working with individuals who are dealing with divorce. He integrates rational emotive behavior therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, existential, and positive psychology to help clients deal with a wide-range of psychological issues and struggles pertaining to divorce. Chad aims to provide useful and valuable tools that help to improve communication between couples. He understands that anger, depression, and grief are emotions that are closely linked to divorce and he helps individuals cope with them in positive and effective ways.