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DBT and CBT are types of treatment approaches that focus on the association between emotions and behaviors. CBT, also known as cognitive behavioral therapy, is a psychotherapeutic method that promotes positive changes in behavior through the understanding of one’s thinking patterns and emotional mindset. DBT, also known as dialectical behavior therapy, is a type of cognitive-behavioral therapy that aims to teach the tools needed to be present, regulate emotions, and improve communication and relationships. Therapists, social workers, and counselors often practice a combination of these therapeutic techniques to treat a wide range of mental health conditions and disorders.

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Chad Gaynier


Chad Gaynier focuses on the specific needs of his clients by directing their purpose and intention toward creating goals that facilitate positive emotions and improved behaviors. He utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy to guide and treat individuals with a variety of mental health issues. Chad is particularly interested in treating patients who suffer from anxiety and trauma due to life transitions, relationship struggles, and LGBTQ+ related issues. He understands that anger, depression, and grief are difficult emotions, yet fully treatable with properly guided support and direction. Chad strives to teach his patients the tools needed to achieve their personal, emotional, and behavioral goals through the practice of CBT and DBT.