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Bulimia is characterized by an obsession to lose weight through ritualistic behavior that involves binging large amounts of food, followed by purging. This emotional eating disorder is often triggered by skewed views of oneself as well as body dysmorphia. Societal expectations and pressures from those around us, coupled with low self esteem, contribute to the development of bulimic behavior. Finding help and support to deal with underlying emotional troubles and unhealthy binging and purging behaviors is vital to overcoming bulimia.

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Bianca Miller


Bianca Miller addresses the occurrence of eating disorders with her clients in a patient, thoughtful, and understanding way which allows for them to develop a true desire and need to make changes in their lives. She knows that the behaviors associated with bulimia are dangerous to an individual’s physical health, therefore she is primarily concerned with establishing emotional awareness and goal-setting as a path to successfully changing negative behavior patterns. By utilizing a cognitive behavioral approach to treat bulimia, Bianca seeks to assist her patients in developing a stronger sense of self esteem and building the confidence skills needed to overcome insecurity, anxiety, and the fear of the perception of others.

Brittney Segoviano


Brittney Segoviano strives to support her patients fully as they seek the necessary therapy to deal with negative and unhealthy behaviors and disorders, like bulimia. She provides a therapeutic environment that is comfortable, safe, nurturing, and yet directive in making positive behavioral changes for reaching emotional growth and goals. Brittney is experienced in treating eating disorders in a variety of treatment facilities and settings including inpatient, outpatient, partial hospitalization programs, psychiatric hospitals, community mental health centers, and private practice. She focuses on teaching her patients healthy and appropriate tools that help to manage and control their behaviors to difficult emotional issues. Brittney is passionate about helping individuals who suffer from bulimia and other eating disorders on their journey to find happiness, health, and peace with themselves through therapeutic healing and recovery.