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Autism is a developmental disorder that is characterized by social and communication issues. This behavior disorder is commonly diagnosed at a young age when growing minds begin to develop and explore. Individuals who display features of autism may have a consuming interest in random objects or activities. Whether you or a family member falls into the high-functioning or low-functioning aspect of the autistic spectrum, understanding the disorder and how to manage it is important for present and future daily life.

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Kelly Dakarian


Kelly Dakarian provides a warm, supportive, and collaborative approach to treating patients who struggle with their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as they relate to anxiety and other mental health conditions. She understands the importance of needing appropriate and healthy skills to deal with nagging thoughts and negative behaviors that are caused by anxiety. Kelly utilizes a client-centered and focused philosophy when treating individuals as a means to assist in the development of their emotional intelligence and awareness as it pertains to past experiences and present thoughts. She integrates psychotherapeutic methods and cognitive behavioral therapeutic strategies into the treatment of various types of anxiety.