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Issues with communication, difficult social and interpersonal interactions, abnormal behaviors, and the need for obsessive repetition, are all characteristics of autism. This developmental disorder affects the nervous system and is commonly diagnosed at a young age. There is a wide spectrum, or range, or symptoms which can be treated and controlled with professional support and navigation. Early intervention is essential to understanding and managing life on the autistic spectrum. 

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Sankrant Reddy


Sankrant Reddy focuses on helping his clients gain worthwhile and effective coping skills to help deal with trauma, stress, and adjustment periods. He knows that when troubling thoughts and difficult emotions are left untreated after a life-altering experience, poor decisions and unhealthy habits can develop. Dr. Reddy assesses, diagnoses, and treats patients who may be suffering from adjustment disorder by offering an integrative treatment approach which consists of medication and  psychotherapeutic methods to achieve meaningful and fulfilling goals. He collaborates with his patients to listen to their specific experiences, understand their fear and concerns, and develop particular and unique plans to help them gain emotional growth.