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Anxiety refers to an overall emotional experience that is comprised of stress, worry, concern, and fear. Anxiety can cause the development of other mental health conditions and disorders, such as depression. When left untreated, anxiety can become overwhelming and individuals may cope in unhealthy and harmful ways. Commonly negative coping mechanisms include mood swings, bouts of anger, isolation, substance abuse, alcoholism, and other addictions. Reaching out for help with your anxiety is important in order to learn how to manage your fears and control your behaviors.

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Kelly Dakarian


Kelly Dakarian provides a warm, supportive, and collaborative approach to treating patients who struggle with their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as they relate to anxiety and other mental health conditions. She understands the importance of needing appropriate and healthy skills to deal with nagging thoughts and negative behaviors that are caused by anxiety. Kelly utilizes a client-centered and focused philosophy when treating individuals as a means to assist in the development of their emotional intelligence and awareness as it pertains to past experiences and present thoughts. She integrates psychotherapeutic methods and cognitive behavioral therapeutic strategies into the treatment of various types of anxiety. 

Brittney Segoviano


Brittney Segoviano specializes in treating clients who are dealing with eating disorders and other self-harming behaviors that are caused by mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. She encourages individuals who suffer specifically from anorexia nervosa to focus on the feelings and emotions linked to previous experiences in order to build the awareness and self-honesty to desire positive and healthy changes. Brittney incorporates CBT, DBT, ACT, Motivational Interviewing, and Trauma informed care into the treatment of anorexia. She believes that by approaching anorexia and other eating disorders with a collaborative and approachable outlook, her patients trust the therapeutic process and journey and seek positive change.