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When individuals experience anger and do not have the appropriate tools to deal with it, they can become physical and potentially dangerous to themselves or others. Anger management is an essential skill set to acquire if you struggle with unhealthy emotional outbursts. Learning how to deal with anger in effective and positive ways can help to immediately calm yourself and put thoughts and feelings into perspective. Professionals assist patients how to manage and control their angry emotions by teaching mindfulness, breathing techniques, positive self-talk, and healthy outlets.

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Rahael Mathew


Rahael Mathew believes in the importance of emotional and behavioral management through the practice of learning the skills to cope with strong emotions, such as anger and rage. She helps her patients develop effective anger management skills that teach them how to control their feelings and potential outbursts. Rahael specializes in treating individuals who have been involved in domestic violence experiences and understands the importance of patiently supporting the natural and emotional journey of these clients. She utilizes a person-centered approach as the foundation for therapy while incorporating evidence-based therapies such as DBT, CBT and ACT to help individuals cope with anger and other emotional and behavioral issues.

Sloan Kodroff

Clinical Supervisor

Sloan Kodroff focuses on developing effective and useful anger management skills needed to help individuals control their emotions and reactions. He structures his therapeutic sessions around understanding the link between perceptions, feelings, behaviors, and responses. Sloan believes that gaining the awareness of the associations between emotions and behaviors is an essential approach to understanding appropriate and meaningful ways of dealing with anger. He provides a safe, comfortable, and honest outlook and environment to approaching individuals who are seeking the skills needed to positively change their mood, responses, and mindset. 

Rachel Dahlgren


Rachel Dahlgren encourages her clients to develop and obtain the skill of mindfulness through self-awareness when looking to make positive changes to their lives. For individuals who struggle with anger and rage issues, she believes that self-reflection is the key to enabling the ability to seek change and growth. Rachel utilizes a psychotherapeutic approach that includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) to treat difficult emotions like anger. She is particularly experienced in working with individuals and families who are in need of emotional support for dealing with domestic issues at home. Rachel helps her clients understand that through emotional self-discovery, anger issues can not only be managed, but resolved; and ultimately, relationships, communication, and overall mood can improve.