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Psychotherapy is an effective means to explore and understand how emotions affect our behavior. Adolescents and children can significantly benefit from psychotherapy when coping with difficult events, experiences, and feelings. The ability to talk through challenging emotions with the support of a professional therapist or social worker can help young individuals to develop the self-awareness and build the coping skills needed to deal with current and future emotional difficulties.

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Rachel Dahlgren


Rachel Dahlgren specializes in working with young individuals, as well as supporting family members, who are in need of counseling and treatment to help deal with challenging emotional and behavioral issues through the practice of psychotherapy. Some of the mental health issues she is particularly experienced with include depression, anxiety, mood disorders, life transitions, health issues, relational issues, trauma, gender identity, and addiction. Rachel has a history of treating patients in a variety of both mental health and clinical settings, with specific experience in the child welfare system. Rachel is passionate about teaching young patients about how the importance of psychotherapeutic modalities help to overcome past experiences, present emotions, and future behaviors.

Brittney Segoviano


Brittney Segoviano aims to teach her patients how to deal with negative and unhealthy behaviors by uncovering, accepting, and understanding their emotions. She practices a psychotherapeutic approach which enables individuals to gain self-awareness and learn healthy and effective coping skills for dealing with past events and challenging emotions. Brittney specializes in treating young children and adolescents who are struggling with eating disorders, self-harm behaviors, depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. She helps her patients develop effective and meaningful communication skills that help to improve their self-perception, mindfulness, and relationships. Brittney offers a collaborative and integrative psychotherapeutic approach which includes elements of CBT, DBT, ACT, Motivational Interviewing, and Trauma informed care.