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Addictions are harmful thought patterns and behaviors that cause an individual to obsessively engage in unfavorable activities. Substance abuse is a form of an addiction. When engaging in illegal substances, particularly when overused, they can negatively impact many important aspects of an individual’s life. Harmful addictions, such as substance abuse, often are used as coping mechanisms for untreated emotional issues such as trauma, depression, and anxiety.

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Virginia Harren

Clinical Supervisor

Virginia Harren strives to provide an empowering therapeutic experience for patients who are seeking out help for poor behavior habits, such as addiction and substance abuse, due to underlying and untreated mental health issues. She is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who is passionate about assisting individuals in gaining the self-awareness and motivation to make impactful and positive changes to the harmful behaviors in their lives. Virginia incorporates Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) to treat addiction and substance abuse.

Kailyn Bobb

Director Of Therapy

Kailyn Bobb specializes in conducting psychological assessments and evaluations of individuals who are in need of obtaining mental health treatment. She is able to address the particular needs and goals of her clients based on thorough diagnostic clarifications. Dr. Bobb treats conditions such as ADD and ADHD accordingly and appropriately based on what she believes will enable and empower her patients most successfully. With an experienced background and strong emphasis on clinical testing, she is able to provide the most accurate and effective treatment plan. Dr. Bobb is specifically passionate about helping children and adolescents deal with the emotional and behavioral issues that present themselves with ADD and ADHD tendencies.