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Addictions are harmful thought patterns and behaviors that cause an individual to obsessively engage in unfavorable activities. Substance abuse is a form of an addiction. When engaging in illegal substances, particularly when overused, they can negatively impact many important aspects of an individual’s life. Harmful addictions, such as substance abuse, often are used as coping mechanisms for untreated emotional issues such as trauma, depression, and anxiety.

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Megan Becker


Megan Becker designs personalized treatment plans for individuals who are in need of support and direction when dealing with troubling thoughts, feelings, and emotions that can create poor and unhealthy habits. Megan’s background as a physician assistant has given her the broad experience and training to treat the physical and medical needs of patients who suffer from substance abuse and other unhealthy addiction problems. She is passionate about the field of mental health and highlights the integral association between the medical and mental health fields. Megan’s attention to the details of her patient’s past experiences, coupled with their biological and chemical makeup, is the foundation of her therapeutic basis for treatment.

Sankrant Reddy


Sankrant Reddy is an experienced board-certified psychiatrist who is committed to helping his patients find ways to cope with addiction, substance abuse, and emotional hardship in healthy and meaningful ways. He practices both psychotherapeutic strategies as well as medication management to treat the internal emotions and external behaviors related to addiction. Dr. Reddy encourages individuals to face their fears, concerns, and thoughts with his collaborative support. His experience in treating anxiety and depression often due to relationship and job stressors has given him a broad understanding of how poor addictive behaviors develop and how to teach his patients to overcome them.