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ADD and ADHD are mental health conditions that are associated with attention and focus-related issues. ADD, or attention deficit disorder, is particularly related to the inability to finish tasks, short-attention spans, and emotional interruption. ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, refers to attention issues specifically due to hyperactive distractions. The most significant distinction between ADD and ADHD is the physical behaviors and distractions correlated to ADHD. Gaining the skills to manage your attention disorders is critical to daily productivity and functioning.

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Christine Lantin


Christine Lantin addresses developmental and behavioral disorders among her patients by utilizing a clinical and holistic approach. She focuses on the psychological factors and social aspects of individuals who specifically suffer from the challenges issued by ADD and/or ADHD. As a licensed and board certified physician assistant, Christine emphasizes the importance of acknowledging how physical, medical, and biological factors contribute to poor choices and behavioral interruptions.

Ashley Seredynski


Ashley Seredynski specializes in treating ADD, ADHD, and various other issues with concentration difficulties. She strives to support young patients, as well as adult patients, who deal with attention and focus-related problems. Ashley understands that when these issues are left untreated, school, occupation, communication, and relationships can all suffer. She offers a warm, empathetic, and understanding approach to treating the goals of individuals who are seeking the skills needed to achieve a more efficient and productive lifestyle. Ashley believes that with proper and appropriate therapy, individuals can overcome their issues with concentration and attention.