How Do I Find Out What My Behavioral/Mental Health Benefits Are?

  • Call the member services phone number listed on the back of your card. Have your insurance card out when you call – you will be asked to provide your member ID and other identifying information. 
  • Ask for information on “Behavioral Health Benefits”
  • Ask the operator for the following information:
    • Do I have coverage for outpatient mental health care in Illinois?
    • What is my deductible for outpatient mental health services? Ask if you need to meet the deductible before any benefits start.
    • What is my coverage for outpatient mental health services? Sometimes you will have a “copay”- meaning it is a fixed dollar amount you pay per visit. Other times there is co-insurance, meaning your insurance company will pay a percentage of the mental health services fee, and then you pay the remaining percentage.
    • Ask if you need a referral. Some plans require that a primary care physician give you a referral. This means you will need to see a primary care physician first before you can receive therapy and psychiatry services.

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