Clarity Clinic acknowledges the dire need for mental health services, now more than ever. This is where Clarity Through Charity comes in.

Clarity through Charity was initiated due to the recognition of the need to bridge the gap of mental health barriers. These barriers could be anything from lack of resources, prohibiting costs, and the struggle to gain access to therapy. With this initiative, Clarity Clinic hopes to lessen those burdens for individuals struggling with these barriers.

With Dr. Prasad’s generous donation, Clarity Clinic will cover the cost of $35,000 worth of mental health services through the end of the year. The services will be provided to those who could not otherwise afford it and/or do not have mental health services offered through their employer. 

“I hope by forming Clarity Through Charity, it brings light to the real need of mental health reform in our country. I urge other private practices to step up where they can, donate your time and your services, especially right now.”

Dr. Pavan Prasad, M.D.