Self-Care: Encouraging a Balanced Healthy Life.

With the temperatures finally rising and the days becoming longer, we may find ourselves busier than we have in the past few winter months.  And while the warmth is a welcomed change, Spring and Summer can often lead to longer days and nights. As our lives will inevitably become busier, it is important that we practice a form of self-care. 


Simply said, self-care can be described as any action you engage in to take care of yourself. Self-care is also considered a necessary and vital part of maintaining a balanced and healthy life. There are various ways to partake in self-care including emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. Engaging in self-care reminds us that we have personal needs that should not be overlooked but tended and catered to. There is no one way to practice self-care. Instead, it is specific and extremely personal for each individual. However as simple as self-care may seem, it is often overlooked in our busy daily lives. 

The Importance of Self-Care

Engaging in self-care in some way, shape, or form can have a great impact on our lives. It allows us to raise awareness of ourselves and promotes a healthier lifestyle. Self-care can give us the opportunity to be the best versions of ourselves as we become more mindful and conscious of our surroundings and ourselves.  There are countless benefits of practicing self-care that improve physical, social, psychological, and spiritual health. 

Common Practices

There are many ways that people practice self-care. A few common practices include:

  • Exercise: Exercise is a common way many people engage in self-care. It is a way to help release endorphins and increase positive moods. Whether it is a vigorous set of cardio workouts or a relaxing yoga session, exercising is a unique experience for each person. Because of its flexibility, exercising can be a part of our daily lives even if we don’t run to the gym everyday because let’s face it who has time for that! Taking a walk during your lunch break, lifting groceries, and taking the stairs are all great ways to incorporate exercise into our daily lives.  
  • Meditation: Like exercising, meditation is a great way to engage in self-care because it is limitless in the places and ways in which you can practice. Meditation has a number of benefits including creating balance, calmness, and relaxation. Taking deep breaths throughout the day, finding a center for yourself and raising awareness of your own body can increase productivity and improve your mood. 
  • Listen to music or read a book: This one is a great one for commuters who travel back and forth between work and home. Whether you’re taking public transportation or driving your own car, a long commute between places can take its toll. Why not use that time to practice a little self-care? Listen to your favorite song on repeat, explore new music, listen to a podcast, or get lost in a book. The possibilities are endless!
  • Get creative: Expressing yourself creatively can do wonders for the mind, body, and soul. Take a painting class with friends, compose a piece of music or write in a journal. Use your creativity to help draw out thoughts and assist in processing emotions.  
  • Reflect: Taking time out to reflect on the day can have a great effect on us if we allow it to. Reflection allows us to pause our busy lives and dedicate a moment to ourselves. Reflection can be done with any activity that works best for you! As aforementioned, there is no one way to practice self-care. Find something that slows you down, brings you joy, and works toward building a healthier you.

Practicing self-care is a personal but necessary part of improving our overall well-being. It is important to recognize the ways in which self-care can positively impact our daily life and equally important to be active and participate in self-care. Self-care is crucial to leading a successful, balanced, and positive lifestyle.

Author: Dinha Farooqui, M.A.

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