Pavan Prasad, MD | Psychiatrist

PAVAN PRASAD, MD Psychiatrist

Dr. Prasad specializes in treating mood disorders and Adult ADHD . He use a holistic approach, treating the full person rather than just symptoms. Dr. Prasad helps to treat treat mood, self-esteem, and concentration problems, as well as working with more diffuse issues around identity, interpersonal relationships, and professional achievement. He address emotional distress and difficulties in daily living. This could manifest as depression, anxiety, insomnia, problems with intimacy or self-esteem, problems with concentration, feeling excessively angry or guilty, or trouble finding meaning in life, to name only a few.

Through his comprehensive evaluation, Dr.Prasad will work with you to determine whether pharmacologic treatment, therapy or a combination of both would be most helpful for you. In treatment with Dr. Prasad, you will find a thoughtful, warm, and nonjudgmental atmosphere.

Dr. Prasad will create effective, individualized treatment plans to best suit my patients needs including psychotherapy ("talk therapy"), medications (psychopharmacology), or both in combination. If medication is needed, I give the least medication necessary for the greatest positive outcome.

Specialties | ADD/ADHD, Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Bipolar Disorder, Panic Attacks, Insomnia, Grief