Dr. Lindsey Ashamalla, PSY.D. | Therapist



Dr. Lindsey Ashamalla holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and views therapy as a collaborative process between herself and her client. Recognizing the uniqueness of each client's needs, Dr. Ashamalla works with clients to establish personalized therapy objectives and plans. Providing a safe environment for clients is paramount to Dr. Ashamalla and her treatment style.

Dr. Ashamalla has extensive experience treating adults related to peak performance, trauma, interpersonal difficulties, stress management, depression, anxiety, cultural diversity, and issues associated with substance addiction. Dr. Ashamalla's clinical experience helped her fashion the strength-based approach she utilizes with each and every client.

Peak performance is a unique area of focus of Dr. Ashamalla. Clients who desire to achieve business and academic goals benefit from tailored optimization plans. Dr. Ashamalla will work hand-in-hand with you to develop the best version of yourself.

Specialties | Peak Performance, Trauma, Interpersonal Difficulties, Stress Management, Depression, Anxiety, Cultural Diversity, and Substance Abuse